Summary of group activities in 2012

Theoretical condensed-matter physics
Hideo Aoki, Takashi Oka (- May 2012), Naoto Tsuji (Oct 2012-)

Our main interests are many-body and topological effects in electron systems, i.e., superconductivity, magnetism and topological phenomena, for which we envisage a materials design for correlated electron systems and novel non-equilibrium phenomena should be realised. Studies in the 2012 academic year include:


         - High-Tc cuprates: material- and pressure-dependence [2]

         - Multi-layer high-Tc cuprates [3]

         - Organic and carbon-based superconductors [4,5]

         - Superconductivity induced in non-equilibrium:

               Dynamical repulsion-attraction conversion in intense ac fields [6]

Topological systems

        - Spin Hall effect in the iron-based superconductors [7]

        - Graphene quantum Hall system and the chiral symmetry[8-10]

        - Optica (THz) quantum Hall effect in the 2D electron gas and in graphene [11]

        - Graphene quantum dot [12]

        - Fractional quantum Hall effect in oxides [13]

        - Zeolite-templated carbon [14]

Non-equilibrium phenomena

        - Dielectric breakdown of Mott insulators[15]

        - Dynamical phase transitions in correlated electron systems

        - Dicke transition in solids placed in an optical cavity

        - Nonequilibrium quantum spin systems[16]

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